A Burgundy diary – 4 June 2021

Burgeoning grass and flowers; and a hoopoe

Back to rain and grey skies again; though we need the rain…

A fortnight ago I was standing on Etang-sur-Arroux station in the pouring rain, waiting for my TER-Bourgogne-Franch-Compté train for Nevers and Vierzon in mid-France. It was cold. The trees waited to come fully into leaf. A week later the weather was hot, dry; and when I came down here last Monday I arrived with the temperature at 21ᵒ. And it has risen two or three degrees since then.

What all that means is that with plenty of moisture in the ground, followed by unrelenting sun, the wild flowers and grass have burgeoned. I feel there are more wild flowers than last year; and I am certain that in the ten days that I was away the grass grew three times, or more, of its mid-May height.

Meanwhile, my hoopoe is back for his or her June run. He’s been outside three or four times every day this week pecking up what he can from the grass and stones in front of my window. I am just sorry that the quality of the picture is so bad.