A Burgundy diary – 27 April 2022

Ups and downs of April

‘April can be the cruellest month’, as TS Elliot nearly said. Blossom on some trees was coming out early in the month; then frost bit, and I suspect any fruit which was to come on those few trees, has gone. We spoke to the trees which were advanced, begged them to hold back; but I fear they didn’t hear us.

And our poor wisteria. It is flowering against the house; but away from the house its buds have met a frost stunned, shrivelled end. We wait to see if leaves will grow around the frost deleted buds.

Sun followed the frost. Day after day of sun. Then finally on Monday we had rain; and I reckon all the grass and wild-flowers grew their height again in 24 hours. Blossom has blown off many of the fruit trees; and you can see the fruit beginning to form. Now we await the possibility of more frost as May goes on; and we hope it won’t come.

Whilst all this waiting works over us, the orchids in the meadow below the house and the buttercups and cowslips spread though the green, and away to the hedge. By the hedge is a trodden path through the grass; and thanks to an infra red camera we know it is a badger’s path. But we only saw the badger once for a few seconds, lolloping across the field. The night camera didn’t pick the badger up again; but you can see where he nestled in under the hedge at the end of his track.

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