A Burgundy diary –  18 April 2022

A time of blossom…

It’s a time of blossom and wild flowers here. It is blossom and Easter for this note today. All being well wild flowers will stretch from late January (snow drops) till autumn: 8 or 9 months of why you live in Burgundy. Most of the blossom will have drifted down in the next ten days; though each type of blossom has its short season. For us it has been the peach and nectarine, through plums and pears, to – latest, and still a little tentative – the apple trees and quince.

And then for the waiting to see if the fruit has taken. How much blossom over the summer months will mutate into fruit? Two years we were almost overwhelmed by cherries – how could that ever be possible? This year the cherry blossom – wild cherry and domesticated – is everywhere; but how much will survive any late frosts? We covered a couple of small trees in blossom, to insulate them a little, two weeks ago; but most are too big. Any frost this spring, I am sure, will kill the cherries. Our pears – poires des cochons (says out neighbour) will weather anything. And apples and quinces? Let us see…

What I have learned is that, amongst the blossom, there really can be Yeats’s ‘Bee loud glades’. ‘Loud’ may be going it; but a definite susurration of bees there is. Our bees must be loving it…

Finally, for blossom-spotters: above is apple, and at the bottom is cherry on pears. In between is our young apple-tree, the second sentinel pear (on the left), small plum, quince and cherry trees; and then an oak sized crab apple tree in the lane towards Vergoncey.  

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