A Burgundy diary –   10 April 2022

Blossom and wild flowers in the Spring

Spring is arriving falteringly. Most of March was warm and dry, luring early blossom to tempt their fate with any April frosts. Wild flowers by the lane-sides and in the forests proliferated: celandine was first, I think (after the snow-drops, of course); then violets, and wood anemone, and cowslips. Dandelions rich and yellow compete with the more subtle celandine, and now perry-winkle with the modest violet. We’ve had leaves form the wild garlic (ail des ours) in salad and quiche already; but soon they’ll be in flower in the woods too.

We went to Paris last week-end, and left two of our smaller fruit trees encased in a sort of white synthetic blanket. And last night again we covered them. I am sure some of our blossoms will have been caught by this recent frost; but many of our trees are hearing our beseeching them and holding back on letting their budding blossoms bloom.

Last year we had no cherries. The year before was a glut. Let us see what happens this year. If the frost comes no more, we’ll have fruit. If it descends on us again, there are only so many trees we can cocoon against it.

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