A Burgundy diary – 27 February 2022

Creusefond, a ruisseau

I live in a village – a hamlet, in truth – called Creusefond. And that is the name of the small stream (ruisseau) which runs through it to the larger stream, la Drée. The Drée goes on to join the Arroux, which ends up in the Loire and so on to the Atlantic.

Near the spot in my photo is the source of the Creusefond, which itself means the fontaine (fond), or source, of the Creuse – just a petite Creuse (there are much larger Creuses and one département named after one of them, in the south-west centre of France). Our Creusefond goes down the scarp slope of the tree-lined plateau, from near Auxy, passes through the middle of our village and then makes its way through the fields to the Drée; and there gives up its life to the larger river. But, the water in my picture will one day join the Atlantic with all the other streams which feed the Atlantic.

In the undergrowth by the stream there is still little evidence of growth, but leaves were appearing on the wild honey suckle which scrambles through the forest.

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