A Burgundy diary – 19 February 2022

A walk in the Morvan

On a grey, but mostly dry, afternoon we set off for a walk in the Morvan hills.  It was a part of the area we can see ten miles or so from the barn. Wet green fields sloped away one side of our path (a farm track, at that stage); and the other was bounded by scrubby hedges with field and then pine forest above. A small stream shared the track with us part of the way, and occasionally gurgled away into a neighbouring field. At one point it filled a track-wide puddle which we than had to pass: tufts at the side of the track, stones in the puddle and a jump at the end three of four metres away saw us over its length. We came to a small hamlet with two or three farmhouses. Here the tack was metalled from the hamlet to a small road.

From that road we walked up into the pine forest: a steady firm tack which climbed around the side of the hill. Rain threatened; but mostly it stayed dry. The trees held dark and looming as they mounted the small slope above us. Trunks were black. At the summit the well-used track became grass. Four trees had fallen across the path left there for any users of the path to scramble over. Bramble (ronces) crept unseen across the path, and threatened every few metres to trip us up.

Another three meter deep puddle with scrub crowded edges greeted us as we neared the end of our walk. Feet finally a little wet, we strode the last kilometre to the car and home. And with hopes of longer evenings and more exploring in the Morvan ahead.

Postscript: I’ve found many more snow drops since I put up my last post, mostly in the lane either side of the ‘Pont Romain’ by the barn.

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