A Burgundy diary – 15 February 2022

Snowdrops and an approach of spring

Only very modest – in size and extent – snowdrops have appeared this year. We have a few small groups dotted around the garden now. There used to be a quince tree (cognassier) outside the back door with a patch of snowdrops in early spring under it. The tree started shedding whole branches a few years ago. It had to go I am sad to say. From that patch of snowdrops only a very few survive amongst the stones I’ve laid around the door.

A few buds are coming on trees and shrubs. Catkins have been in the hazel trees for weeks. Twigs in a few trees are shaded with red. But we still have little rain, even on a cloudy day like today. I used to love evidence of the arrival of spring. Now this is tinged by fears of its early arrival being just more evidence of the worsening climate crisis.

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