A Burgundy diary – 5 February 2022

Prunus in the Jardin de Plantes

On a trip to Paris yesterday I turned into the Jardin des Plantes; and immediately I saw a tree beginning to come into flower. And my first thought was sadness: another early flowering flower, too early thanks to climate crisis.

I looked on the tree – it being the Jardin des Plantes, the trees were labelled. I think the label said it was a prunuiere a l’origanum. I take that to be a form of prunus; but origanum? Certainly what I saw had nothing to do with oregano.

So back to early flowering? I thought back to when I lived in Bristol. The first things to flower, in late January – as I recall – were verbena and prunus (of various sorts). It was lovely then to see these, the first flowers early in the year. So early flowering in the J de P need not, perhaps, have troubled me so much.

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