A Burgundy diary – 19 December 2021

Winter deepens

This is now truly a Burgundy diary. Lucie and I are living here full-time now. In the latter part of November we moved the last of our furniture from Ivry-sur-Seine, by Paris, to here; and on 1 December 2021 Lucie started her new job as chef de service (pôle)for the department of Soane-et-Loire.

A fire is lit in our kitchen; and we’ve now got more wood for the rest of the winter. We only need to heat – for the two of us – the kitchen and our bedroom above. With family here at New Year the fire in the main room will be lit, and that will heat that room and the upstairs bedrooms. Only the downstairs room – with the vestiges of a manger, where some of the animals would have spent the colder winter days – is now warmed by an electric heater.

It’s getting colder outside as winter deepens: frost overnight, but clear moon-lit nights as Lucie’s deep dusk photo shows (complete with eoliennes – windmills – 25 kilometres away; and my photo with unexplained blobs).

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