A Burgundy diary –  18 October 2021

Viévy: stone houses and its church tower

It’s a strange time in my life. Leaving Paris (see note of a couple of days ago), when I’ve lived in a city all my adult life; and – entirely by choice – going to live in deep country-side in Burgundy.

The village of Viévy is just north of us: the contrast with Paris could hardly be greater. It consists of only a few houses. Many are no longer occupied. It has a very small village square which probably once had a shop and a bar. Its church has a fine Romanesque tower (I’ve not been in the church), and alongside is its mairie with old blue sign.  

I love that village. I’ve only stopped there once: to take these photos back in July. I’ve remembered the church tower from most of the time I’ve been coming to Burgundy. And now I know more of how it stands in the greens of the fields around and amid the sandy coloured stones of a of its short village street.

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