A Burgundy diary – 9 August 2021

Yes, yes this is Brittany, not Burgundy. And on a grey day with shoulders shaking slightly as I zoomed in on the operative part of this cross, I am afraid the picture is a fuzzy reproduction.

All over France are calvaires, or crosses of this height, often at road junctions. I cannot comment on all France, but only of near us in Burgundy and here in Brittany. The difference between Burgundy and here is striking. Without my having conducted any enquiry, I reckon most – perhaps all – in Burgundy are fairly prosaic mostly 19th century efforts.

In Brittany there are modern versions, I am sure; but many are like this: simple, crude and intensely moving. The faith poured into it – as it seems to me – is palpable. Or is that romantic guff? The local sculptor was paid. He (probably it was a ‘he’) did his best. That is all…

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