A Burgundy diary – 21 July 2021

Paris opens

To central Paris last Saturday as the weather just began to warm up. And Paris was warming up. People were out and eating and drinking on the pavements. Shops, bars and restaurants were open.

I’ve not been into central Paris since the confinement started. It was great to be there again. Lunch at Nemrod, in rue Cherche Midi (I love that name for a street), a brasserie we know; shopping in the Rue de Rennes; and then – oh joy – the discovery that the central part of Gibert Joseh – which I was told was closing many of its outlets – was still open. The small section with English books was there in the surviving shop in Boulevard St Michel. So trips to Paris can be completed with a trip to the book shop.

Meanwhile Burgundy, which I left in grey and rain, is now smiling broadly under sun and enough breeze to make it fine summer weather. The joy of being – as I am – in a stone house is that the temperature keeps more level – cooler – than outside; and in winter it keeps out some of the deeper cold. The pottager is thriving, the bees are busy – and buzzing, of course. The hives – two now – are a cluster of industrious abbeilles who I meet also in all sorts of parts of the garden.

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