A Burgundy diary – 30 May 2021

Signs of life again…

Paris is opening up again. This will probably not happen in the same way England with the pusillanimous Johnson and his inefficient dealing with the coronavirus version from India; and despite the high vaccine rate in England. I fear it will be sometime before we can go to England without quarantining there and on our return to France.

From a couple of weeks ago, bars and restaurants were open outside here. From next week they will be open for inside service as well. Suddenly life in France scrambles back to forms of normality. Masks are worn everywhere – or are supposed to be. Distancing is expected in bars and restaurants. The special French feature of the curfew (couvre feu) from 9 pm is still on (limit drinking time the faster people get drunk: a slightly different point, and maybe mostly only applicable in Britain and Australia); though the reasons for it are as opaque as ever.

To my taste Ivry has not got too many congenial bars and only a couple of restaurants. My favourite bar/bistro is optimistically named Le Village (it’s a long way from any village). It is on the Place de l’Insurrection de Août 1944 (the date when the French in Paris liberated their city from the Germans and installed a French government again). There are three bars there. Each have the feeling – for a foreigner like me – of a Paris bistro. Yesterday we drank a glass of kir, and then had cous cous with house red wine. And it felt so good to be able to eat out in Paris (OK, Ivry) again.

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