A Burgundy diary – 21 May 2021

Wild flowers in a grey May

At the road-sides and by the paths forget-me-nots and speedwell mix their blues and delicate blooms. Pink campion and occasional white campion are scattered. Stitchwort nestles beneath the emerging hawthorn buds of May. Marguerite are flowering in this grey, cold May.

For me, still, scabious are my favourite; and at the entrance to the barn we have what seems to me a burgeoning colony. Long may they return each year, and burgeon more and more.

A brief look at posts for May ago, shows how different this year’s miserable later Spring has made wild-flower growth.

One thought on “A Burgundy diary – 21 May 2021

  1. I love scabious as well.
    Hope all is well with you both. We are fine apart from crap weather and government who continue to mess up..
    Went to London at the weekend to see Shaun which was a real treat.
    Read your report onParis . All seems so sad. We are desperate to see Laura so hope we manage it this year.
    Love to Lucie xx

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