A Burgundy diary – 20 April 2021

Survival of a fig tree?…

The tangle of twigs (below) is a young fig plant – and at present the question for me is whether it will survive drought (I have watered it) and a very cold spring. Just visible on my poorly focussed photo is evidence of green; but will this be enough to enable some life to be preserved till the summer.

The cherry blossom provides a contrast. I still hope our cherries will have survived the recent frosts. It looks as though this blossom has set. We wait to see whether fruit will follow if no further frosts bights us.

The fig was layered – a marcotte – from his Brittany tree. It has survived a couple of winters; but this cold dry spring may prove too much for it. We’ll see.

The fig is a fruit which, as a child, I had not heard of. For example, for me, peaches only came in tins as did apricots. Both were in a thick treacly sauce. I didn’t think about what fresh peaches or apricots would look like; or even, when young, of the existence of a fresh fruit.

And figs: as a child I had a bible which had lots of line drawings peppered around the text. To accompany Judges 9, 10 was a picture of a branch of something; and in the text is reference to the fig tree being asked by other trees to reign over them (yes, really). Frankly, knowing what I now know of figs trees – which I did not know aged ten or eleven – I don’t think the drawing of the fig is very realistic. But at least it gave me an idea of what a fig looked like.

Later – in my twenties – I had dried figs. I cannot remember when I first had fresh figs, a fruit I now love. And I do not propose, here, to enter into the DH Laurentian debate – which he puts in the mouth of Rupert Birkin, in Women in Love – as to how a fig should be eaten.

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