A Burgundy diary – 17 May 2020



A time of marguerites and scabious


Looking from the barn the field below us is a sea of deepening meadow grass, ready for cutting in a month or so. Go down the field and look back and the field is rich with ox-eye daisies, marguerites. It is like one of those Turkish rugs whose colour changes according to the direction from which you look at them.  Here and everywhere fields are studded by these elegant, gentle flowers, a statement of summer to come.


Hawthorne has shed its blossom, but now – higher in the trees – acacias are shrouded in flowers. Each have the faint sound of bees in them collecting for the hives which dot the area. Up the road, tucked away against a low wall by the small chateau, there is a line of fifteen hives or more.


And, as ever, the road sides are rich with wild flowers: all colours and types of flower, changing slowly as the season changes. My favourite for this time of year remains scabious. We have a few in the roadside outside.


David Burrows

17 May 2020

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