A Burgundy diary – 11 May 2020



Les Saints de Glaces


Till this year I had not heard of Les Saints de Glace (‘Ice Saints’). Each of my neighbours here have mentioned them as if it is a given: that on 11, 13 and 14 May as a matter, almost of inevitability, that the temperature drops and that the nights of those days may still produce frost. Sure enough, the rain – still much needed – came yesterday. Colder weather is promised for the next two or three days, though not frost. Already the temperature has dropped more than ten degrees overnight since yesterday, and it is still dropping now, even during the day-time (from 15˚ to 5˚ projected by midnight tonight: more wood for a fire I think, is called for…).


Les Saints des Glace, on whose feast days these cold days fall, are St. Mamertus, St. Pancras, and St. Servatius. Except for the famous eponymous station – now grandly St Pancras International for incoming Eurostar trains – I have not before heard of two of the ice saints….


David Burrows

11 May 2020

2 thoughts on “A Burgundy diary – 11 May 2020

  1. So interesting, as the temperature has just plunged here. I’m disseminating this to my Facebook friends and crediting you!

    With best wishes,


    Penelope Welbourne
    Associate Professor of Social Work
    10 Portland Villas
    Plymouth University
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    • Thank you. It is really strange. Everyone here I spoke with took les Saints des Glaces (I thought everyone was saying ‘San Glas’) as an an accepted fact; and it seems to be applying this year on both side of the Channel…

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