Woman in a white dress

Dusty, black-and-white photos lay in a shoe box;

And the last: a white dress and a smiling woman

Who looked down, from slightly above me

As I stood watching her, on her grassed hill-side.

A woman in a white dress:

Away and behind her –

A back-drop to the white dress drifted foreground

The early Summer hill-side sloped

Grass, shale (perhaps) and chalk, to the sea.

The sea was the frame and mood.

Black it was in the photo;

But I imagined a deep, deep blue ā€“

Behind and below her;

And framing her so white dress.

Flints were sparsely strewn at her feet,

Sand dusted the grass which climbed a little behind her;

She stood still,

A smiling sentinel on her grassy knoll;

A Monet in black-and-white (without the parasol);

Breeze against a curved body

The cloth a drift;

And only the wind providing its slight movement.

The smile again

Eyes shaded ā€“ dark glasses against the sun.

No shade could hide that smile.

The monochrome, white and dark

Gave an age to the photo;

But the mood

Was of a clear bright day:

Summer spun greens of the hill-side;

Whites: her dress, the chalk and flint,

Flecks on the sea below;

The intense blue of the sea;

And at your feet: the sandy soft, and richer greens, of the grass.

Your smile, as you looked down at me,

As I stood watching you on your grassed hill-side above the sea,

Spoke to a memory.

And you: a photo in a box.


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