In-house media lawyer heading for the spotlight?

An important trend spotted here: that in-house lawyers are putting their jobs before their professional duty – hard, but the wrong way around… And does this blog perhaps refer to David Sherborne QC?

Lawyer Watch

An interesting Independent story on the Mirror’s Hacking travails has the barrister for the claimants, David Sherbourne, making an allegation in open court that earlier public statements relating to phone hacking made by senior Trinity Mirror individuals were “knowingly false”.  The Independent lists a whole set of statements including these ones:

“I am not aware of any deliberate transgression of the criminal law at the ‘Daily Mirror’ during my time as editor”. Richard Wallace, former ‘Daily Mirror’ editor

“The editors all confirmed that Trinity Mirror could say that our journalists work within the criminal law and the PCC”.  Paul Vickers, former Trinity  Mirror legal director

“Trinity Mirror’s system of corporate governance means that we work with the law and the code, which I believe we do”.  Tina Weaver, former ‘Sunday People’ editor

“To the best of my knowledge, the law and the Code are adhered to in practice”. Lloyd Embley…

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