Nunc dimittis: she hears her god

Life was a dark void,
that spread around me
Despair gripped me.

I sat in the church
alone, untrusting.

And my god spoke to me.
He told me
to take control.
He told me, kindly,
to harness my life;
for me to lead life,
not it to lead me,
aimless amongst the drifts of uncertainty.

He gave me back
And I could feel a purpose
that purposeless in the past
I had let, uncontrolled, control me.

And he gave me a strength
I’d surrendered.
Renewed, I walked from that church,
knowing He had addressed me,
His hand-maiden
– and knowing that now,
as never before,
I could depart in peace
and move forward in strength.

June 2000


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