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18 October 2014

Dear Sir

Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: terms of reference for an inquiry

I write in my personal capacity.

I am working with a group of survivors of child sex abuse, in particular to draft a set of terms of reference. I am aware that a Home Office minister told the House of Commons in early September that the Home Office would consult about the terms of reference of the inquiry. I am not aware that any of the survivors with whom I have been in touch have been consulted.

At this link – https://dbfamilylaw.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/csainquiry-draft-terms-of-reference-iii/ – you will find our current draft. I hope to finalise this in the early part of next week.

You will see the stress which is placed on the need for the inquiry being set up under Inquiries Act 2005.

Please pass this immediately to your clients at the Home Office, and confirm to me that this has been done. Further, please take instructions as to whether you can pass on to me the name of an individual (with email address) within the Home Office who is responsible for settling the terms of reference. If you cannot give me a name please let me know why not?

If it comes to it, I would expect a court to be told that this communication from me is notice to your clients of the work on terms of reference that those with whom I am in contact are doing.

Yours faithfully

David Burrows



  1. Hi David

    I am writing to you here about one observation on the CSA inquiry, as I am not a member of twitter. I have been following you and other concerned individuals on twitter, about the perceived attempts by the government to engineer another whitewash. I have quickly read some of the documents released today, at the last minute. This release is so obviously a cobbled together rushed job to help Woolf, because she has to appear before the HASC today. I have so far just read the letters purported to be written by Woolf and Hearn.

    In my opinion they both appear to have been written by the same individual, when some of the phraseology is compared. I hope that Woolf will be questioned about that this afternoon. Her response also confirms her long term relationship with the Brittans which should be enough to disqualify her from any role in this enquiry. She fails to mention any contacts with Brittan when she was a practising lawyer and he was an EU politician and those of her husband with Brittan

    i would like to congratulate you on the letters you have witten so far and the TORs you drew up to help the enquiry. I have not yet read the enqiry’s TORs yet.



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