Towards survivors’ terms of reference for a #CSAinquiry

I am not a survivor. I am merely offering such drafting, admin and legal skills as I may have.

It does seem to me that if survivors can put forward draft terms of reference (‘TOR’) to the Home Office to which as many as possible can agree, then this might – I don’t know, but it might – carry weight; especially if it was endorsed, or drawn attention to, in any way by any sympathetic media outlets.

I therefore suggest that as many survivors and survivors’ representative bodies who read this send me a draft set of their recommended TOR. This should please be in not more than 1,000 words (if possible: this note is 500 words). I can then try to put those words into a composite set of draft TOR for the Home Office.

If this initiative is thought unhelpful, please say so; though if a majority over those dissenting contribute to a draft, I will carry on.

Terms of reference

Examples of TOR can be seen at

I set out my ideas for a ‘Manifesto’ for child law reform, which is perhaps a little different, at https://dbfamilylaw.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/child-law-reform-a-manifesto/ .

If survivors can put forward something in draft – I would say in the next two weeks (ie by or before 24 October 2014) my guess that it must be taken notice of; and it could prove influential.

People who are concerned in this – not just survivors – would be welcome to contribute ideas (up to 1,000 words); but I suggest it should be survivors and representative bodies only who sign this off for presentation to the Home Office.


All contributions should please be sent to me. I can be DM-ed by anyone who wants to submit thoughts and I will send to them my email address.

Please indicate whether you are:

  • A survivor
  • From a survivor’s representative body
  • Other: eg someone concerned at what has happened

If submission is to be by 24 October 2014 (though that date is not set in stone) then the time-table will have to be as follows:

  • 16 October 2014: all contributions of around 1,000 words must have been received by me by this date
  • 19 October 2014: I will prepare a draft over the week-end and send it out to all contributors; and perhaps publicise it on my and anyone else’s blog
  • 21 October 2014 by 4 pm: comments on draft to me
  • 23 October 2014: final draft circulated
  • 24 October 2014: submission to Home Office

This time-scale may be unreasonable and may have to be extended; but those who agree that this is an exercise which is worthwhile attempting can perhaps see if we can keep to something like it.

We say they are delaying (which they are). We can try to show by this effort how in earnest survivors are.

David Burrows

8 October 2014


  1. 1. The CSAInquiry must address the issue of Fathers or other family members being arrested and in some cases maliciously prosecuted by the police when attempting to protect their children and other children from abuse.

    Notably, this is alleged to have occurred in Rotherham and most definitely occured in my own well documented case. See the following article for details, Justice is impossible if we cannot trust the police to tell the truth.


    There appears to be a pattern of the natural protector of children, the parents being prevented from exercising their natural duty to protect.

    2. The aspect of Whistle blower protection needs to be significantly examined. Numerous cases have been presented in which those speaking out about child abuse are themselves targeted. The recent example of the home officer researcher in Rotherham, being threatened by police is just one of many examples.

    In essence, a pattern is presented whereby those speaking out in defense of children, be that the parents or professionals, are attacked in a variety of ways and in some cases threatened into silence.

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  3. I don’t think I have much to add to what has already been offered. If anything, I would certainly like to see MI5 getting heavily grilled. They blow loud trumpets over the dangers of ‘home grown terrorists’, where nothing ever seems to actually happen *, but fall strangely silent when it comes to well documented cases of our children getting consistently and seriously buggered. Not to mention the fact that many of the alleged perpetrators seem to avoid trial, let alone conviction. Why do we never see anyone from MI5 speaking out about this issue in the mass media? What did they know about Jimmy Savile? If they did know something, then did they not tell the Royal family about him? Were they perfectly fine with an unqualified DJ running a Broadmoor task force and personally appointing the next chief? If not, then why did they say nothing? Protecting the children of this country is definitely within their remit, if other agencies are failing. In fact, I can not possibly comprehend anything else that might give them cause for greater concern, if they are the sort of people they purport to be of course. Let us have all of this out in the open and on the record please.

    * Apart from the ‘one off spectacular attacks’ of 7/7, which happened in a similar vein to the ‘one off spectacular attacks’ of 9/11, and have been used to justify the ‘neverending War On Terror’ narrative we are currently all living under. One might argue that the energy companies, given free rein on fixing prices by our government, have terrorised and killed far more people (invariably elderly and vulnerable) in this country than any ‘alleged’ Jihadi could, but I couldn’t possibly comment and that’s for another thread.

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