FAMILY COURT – judical vested interests rule; and will ruin

FC-Day-33 and it’s all very quiet. No confirmed amendment regs, yet. Children and Families Bill, still a bill. 22 April for FC-Day – I assume; and the sad new, brave new whimpery world of the new family court limps on to its opening.

I received my further copy of the Finer Report last week (an earlier copy is ‘archived’ – ie unable to be exhumed). Today’s likley family court, is tawdry indeed set against the interesting ideas put forward by Sir Morris and his commitee. Some forty year old ideas – and the contrast does not come down to a question of resources – look a lot more sprightly than the vested interest riven court ‘reform’ ideas of today.

And those vested interests of the judges, which if left untamed will eventually ruin the family court, can be seen to the fore in the bad-mannerd attitude of the President to his volunteer colleagues on the family court bench. That story – Re NL – festers on.


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