The day of St Valentine 2014 – FC-Day-47


FC-Day-47 (aka St Valentine’s Day) dawns wet. An eerie stillness hangs in the rain-drenched air. No-man’s land is still: mist hides the tops of the trees on the hill – not far from where we stand, cold hands chaffed by the damp winter air. We know that somewhere there – interred in the leaf-mould, buried by the bole of a tree, perhaps – plans for the new court are hidden. We need to find the plans for those we want to help. It will take them and us to the next stage of our journey to the family court’s brave new world.

We know that, hidden away so carefully – and we shudder excitedly in the cold as we talk of them amongst ourselves – are four set of draft amendments rules; countless precious practice directions (we can only guess at the depth of their importance and the pricelessness of their prose), a guidance or two (perhaps only glimmers as yet in the mind of one who will issue them). It is a wealth of legal learning which – as representatives of law and the guardians of a tradition which affects litigants in person and children and represented party alike – we treasure.

Perhaps we must await its revelation; but ‘absent’ (as the great persons say) a word from the woods, it is hard to know why a few more secrets may not be revealed.

A whistle blows. We will retire and await another day…

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