CLASS LEGAL and draft court orders: ‘mandatory’, or not happening at all

  1. Ask the office of the President of the Family Division, or ask the Ministry of Justice what is happening about the family court draft orders. Ask whether – as the President intends: are they really to be ‘mandatory’. Ask almost anything you like and you get silence. Well, I do. No one says even that they don’t know. All is silence.
  2. Ask a member of the Family Proceedings Rules Committee what is happening and they might tell you that work on some sort of forms project is stayd.  No work is taking place. The street is empty and the silence eerie. And still we do not know if we are to have ‘mandatory’ forms as decreed by Munby P, or just some draft forms.
  3. Ask the commercial arm of this exercise (with what blessing from the Lord Chancello we cannot so far find out: silence again); and the answer is (sic): the forms will be ‘mandatory’ and in operation from  7 April 2014 (per their website: see below).

To the question: what is the statutory authority for all this: again, silence. Or really (schhhhh) is there no authority at all? Has the emperor that is this project, in truth, no clothes? As that little boy at the back of the auditorium: I only ask.

Drafting the new standard family orders in Quantum Family Forms

Find out how you can now use Quantum to draft your court and consent orders by watching this recorded webinar first broadcast on 13 December 2013.

user help • 13/12/2013

In April 2014 use of new standard orders will be made mandatory in family proceedings. The first significant batch of the new orders – including an omnibus consent order – has just been released for consultation. When finalised, use of the orders will be mandatory from 7 April 2014. Not only that, you will also have to follow a strict House style or risk having orders and applications rejected.

So to help you get ready to meet these new standards we have been busy integrating the draft orders into Quantum Family Forms. They have been rolled out with version 7.3 released on 13 December 2013 and this recorded webinar helps you get to grips with this invaluable new feature.

– See more at:


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